Silver Rails Winery Building Photos

Winery Building
100 East Benton Street
La Plata, Missouri 63549

Wine Making Room

Above Right: View from Wine Making Room down the corridor past the Section Rooms to The Tasting Room. To get an idea of the size of the building, you can see two people standing in the center of the other end of the corridor.

Winery Section Rooms

Section Rooms 1 & 2

Section Rooms 3 & 4

Section Room 5 and Doorway Into The Wine Tasting Room

View Down The Corridor In Front Of All Section Rooms

Other Rooms

Above Left: Kitchen; Above Right: Work Area

Small Separate Room, Maybe A Future Lounge Room

Winery Office Room

Front Room Before It Was Remodeled
Into The Wine Tasting Room

Winery Outdoor Covered Patio

Winery Land For Outdoor Events

Second Floor Of The Winery Building

First Storage Section

Second and Third Storage Sections

Fourth and Fifth Storage Sections

Outdoor Event Area in Silver Rails Vineyards

Above you can see that the outdoor event area is a convenient walk from the Depot Inn & Suites hotel.

Dimensions Of The Winery Tasting Room

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