Silver Rails Winery Tasting Room
Non-Alcoholic Beverage

LaCroix Sparkling Water $2 Per Can: Pure | Key Lime | LimonCello | Coconut | Lime | Lemon
Diet Coke: $2 Per Can

Fitz's Premium Soda $3 Per Bottle: Root Beer | Grape Pop | Cardinal Cream | $1 Per Bottle: Water
Sprecher Soda $3 Per Bottle: Puma Kola | Fire Brewed Cherry Cola | Fire Brewed Root Beer | Fire Ginger Ale
Sprecher $2 Per Bottle: Club Soda | Seltzer Water | Tonic Water

Other Beverages $1 Each: Coffee, Ice Tea, Hot Tea
Busch NA Beer (No Alcohol) $3

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